Innovating anaerobic digestion

Established in 2022, BioticNRG Ltd (“BioticNRG”) is a dedicated UK bioenergy platform focused on anaerobic digestion assets and adjacent infrastructure.

At BioticNRG we develop, own and operate bioenergy assets that capture and convert energy from organic waste into efficient heat, electricity and transport solutions.

The BioticNRG platform empowers the management team to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible - supporting R&D projects, implementing optimisation projects and institutionalising and promoting the knowledge base of the industry.

Portfolio Assets

Malaby Biogas Limited was acquired in August 2022 and is the first investment for BioticNRG.

Operational Asset Management

BioticNRG benefits from the best-practice operational and feedstock management capabilities of Palisade Real Assets' dedicated operational management team, Eco2 Management Services Ltd.

Further Information

BioticNRG is an investee company of Palisade Real Assets Pty Ltd. Please contact Palisade Real Assets for more information.